Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is LINQ a carrier?

A: No, LINQ is not a carrier. It is an all-in-one managed service provider that handles all tasks related to enterprise mobility management. Clients keep their carrier and LINQ becomes an authorized contact on the account in order to manage customer service, billing, hardware and software support, etc.


Q: Do we have to switch carriers?

A: No. Clients can keep the same carriers they are currently using, and LINQ can handle all tasks related to set up, management, billing, reporting, and more. However, if clients prefer to switch to another carrier, LINQ can help facilitate the transition and even assist with carrier agreements.


Q: Does LINQ aggregate data and resell?

A: No, LINQ simply manages the client’s current accounts and data. The accounts and data remain in the client’s name.


Q: What carriers does LINQ work with?

A: LINQ works with all carriers in the United States. In fact, LINQ has relationships with multiple carriers that can be leveraged to ensure clients’ service needs are met.


Q: Can LINQ manage multiple carriers?

A: Yes, LINQ will manage all carriers, even if the client has multiple. In these situations, the client works directly with LINQ and receives one simplified invoice.


Q: Do we still have login access to the carrier portal?

A: Yes. Although LINQ will be in charge of management, both LINQ and client will have access to the carrier portal. However, LINQ Qonnect provides easy access to all of the device and account management tools you need, all in one place.


Q: Does LINQ provide a client portal?

A: Yes. LINQ provides all clients with access to Qonnect Portal. No more logging into multiple carriers. From services tickets, custom reporting and inventory, LINQ’s Qonnect Portal has you covered with a single sign-in to access all account information regardless of carrier. 


Q: Can our employees call LINQ directly for service instead of our help desk?

A: Yes. With LINQ’s Human Customer Care Service, clients can call LINQ directly for any and all service inquiries. Clients are assigned a team of dedicated specialists who will take care of end user support, lifecycle management, and all other tasks so that clients can avoid automated prompts and waiting on hold. Alternatively, clients can contact their internal IT support or log into the Qonnect Portal to submit tickets for LINQ to resolve.


Q: What type of support does LINQ offer?

A: LINQ is an all-in-one managed service provider that can handle any task related to enterprise mobility management. This includes but is not limited to:


  • Creating new orders

  • Managing upgrades

  • Activating new devices

  • Suspending devices and accounts

  • Cancellations

  • Device replacements and swaps

  • Feature additions

  • Managing international travel

  • Device backups and troubleshooting


Q: Who authorizes all equipment purchases?

A: While LINQ will handle all management activities, clients are still in charge of all decisions. In fact, clients can even delegate permissions to allow certain employees to authorize all equipment purchases.


Q: How long does it take to get new or replacement equipment?

A: LINQ helps streamline all enterprise mobility tasks, including device purchase and replacement. Using LINQ, clients generally receive equipment within the same timeframe as suggested by the carrier, but without the hassle.


Q: Does LINQ keep device inventory?

A: LINQ can keep inventory tracking with your current inventory system or on-site dedicated, secure lockers for devices to be deployed and reused as needed. From devices to accessories, LINQ has your inventory needs covered. 


Q: Can LINQ supply mobile devices?

A: Yes. LINQ can work with your carrier(s) to acquire new devices and distribute them directly to end users.


Q: Will LINQ work with our current MDM solution?

A: Yes. LINQ is able to work with all MDM providers and has a team of trained specialists to support your provider of choice. LINQ also has partnerships with a number of top-rated MDM providers such as Cisco, Meraki, Microsoft Intune, MobileIron, IBM, Wandera, and VMWare.


Q: Can we track all costs by each device?

A: Yes. LINQ uses custom reporting that facilitates the tracking of all costs by unit, department, GL code, location, etc. Clients have access to reports 24/7 via the Qonnect Portal. Clients are also assigned dedicated account managers that can help tailor reporting to suit client needs.

Q: Are we able to upload our monthly invoice directly into our accounting system?

A: Yes. LINQ will take care of monthly billing and email the invoice to the client in their preferred format, allowing it to easily be uploaded to accounting systems. LINQ can also consolidate multiple carrier invoices into one LINQ invoice, so that clients can avoid dealing with multiple carrier invoices.