Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is LINQ a carrier?
A: No, LINQ is not a carrier.  Clients keep their carrier and LINQ just becomes an authorized contact on the account.



Q: Do we have to switch carriers?
A: No, clients keep the same carriers they are currently using, or they can switch if they would like.  LINQ works with all carriers.



Q: Does LINQ aggregate data and resell?
A: No, LINQ manages the current account and data.  The account stays in the client’s name.



Q: What carriers does LINQ work with?
A: LINQ works with all carriers in the United States.



Q: Have multiple carriers?
A:  LINQ will manage all carriers, client now just works with LINQ and receives one simplified invoice.



Q: Do we still have login access to the carrier portal?
A: Both LINQ and client have access.



Q: Can our employees call LINQ directly for service instead of our help desk?
A: Clients can choose to have employees call LINQ’s live team for all support, freeing up their help desk to focus on other important IT issues or employees can still call their help desk and forward the ticket onto LINQ.



Q: What type of support does LINQ offer?
A: LINQ can perform new orders, upgrades, activations, suspensions, cancellations, replacements, swaps, feature additions, manage international travel, back up devices and even troubleshoot devices. Our clients never call their carrier again.



Q: Who authorizes all equipment purchases?
A: Clients designate which internal people authorize all purchases.



Q: How long does it take to get new or replacement equipment?
A: All equipment is received in the same amount of time it currently takes from the carrier.



Q: Can LINQ provision phones?
A: LINQ can provision phones and send them directly to end users.



Q: Will LINQ work with our current MDM solution?
A: LINQ works with all MDM providers.



Q: Can we track all costs by each unit?
A: LINQ can track all costs by unit, department, GL code, location, etc.


Q: Are we able to upload our monthly invoice directly into our accounting system?
A: LINQ will email the invoice in the format requested by client allowing it to easily be uploaded.