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Lose the headache.

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Cellular doesn't have to be that complicated.

With LINQ, keep your carrier, your phones and your numbers without the hassle.

Real Human Customer Care

Our US-based team of specialists provide elite customer support. You’ll be assigned your own team of dedicated reps. No more navigating endless automated prompts or waiting on hold. When you call, we answer. Literally.

Clear Uncomplicated Billing

Say goodbye to costly hidden fees. With LINQ, you’ll receive one simple bill that’s customized to your needs, saving you time and money. Leave the headache to us. We’ll deal with your carrier and hold them accountable.

Guaranteed LINQ Rate

Right now you’re paying more than you should be and have no way of predicting what charges may show up on your next bill. LINQ provides a new guaranteed monthly rate which is often less than what you’ve been paying.


Our clients love having the best customer service in the industry. This video explains it best.


mobile management

You are 3 simple steps away from the best rates and best customer service in the wireless world.


We conduct a free, no obligation review of your cellular accounts .


We offer a new monthly rate, less than what you’ve been paying.


You never need to deal with poor customer service ever again.

And when you need to upgrade equipment or troubleshoot your account, we handle that seamlessly too. Simply call us for absolutely everything you ever need when it comes to mobile management.

Wireless Expense Management
Saving Money on Your Business Cell Phone Service

Busted phone?

No worries. With BROQEN we’ll get you a replacement fast!

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4 Dollars-01

70% less than than the average insurance plan.
It’s almost free.

100 Deduct-01

Actually, your deductible
will likely be less.
It depends on the device.


No claim paperwork.
No approval process.
No hassles.


Your quality replacement
comes straight from
your carrier.


With expedited shipping, you’ll receive your replacement fast.

Lost and stolen coverage is also available!


A little love from our clients and the business community.

I hated dealing with my cell carriers customer care, having LINQ Services handle my account is the only reason they still have my business.

Sun Orchard, Phoenix AZ

These guys know their stuff. We have over 500 phones, dozens of air cards and Blackberries. LINQ Services has minimized our staff involvement, saved us money and keeps us from having to deal with frustrating customer service.

SPL, Columbia MD

We get one bill that saves us money every single month. Its been over two years: No hassles, and best of all--no dealing with carrier customer care. This is how customer service should be.

Caribbean Fire Protection, Fort Lauderdale FL


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